Hey, my name is Rover, and I'm in control of the station from midnight-6am on Rovernights! I got to Big Dog after I was adopted by the Lac La Biche Wolf Cub Pack... they raised me and one day dropped me off at my new home at Big Dog.

After sittin' in the studio for a couple of weeks and watching the other guys they finally let me hold down the fort.

I run the show around here between 12AM and 6AM and I don't want to brag, but, nowadays they can't do anything without me.

Oh yeah, one more thing, don't hate me for any mistakes during my hours, IT'S HARD TO PRESS BUTTONS WITH THESE MASSIVE PAWS

Hometown: Made in China but LLB is my home.

Number of Provinces visited: I got to see like 6 of them from inside a wooden crate on my trip here from Asia.

Favorite fast food: Doritos, whatever other food the crew leaves in the station fridge

Favorite Movie: Dogma, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Dog Knight (Christian Bale beat me out for the part)

Favorite Book: Tough call, It's too hard for me to turn the pages.

All time best song: Who Let The Dogs Out... haha just kidding, those guys suck.

Favorite Thing about Lac La Biche: ALL THE DOG LOVERS!

Favorite TV Show: Dog The Bounty Hunter, Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Least Favorite TV Show: The Dog Whisperer, I will get you someday Cezar.

Something embarassing no one knows: I'm kinda lazy, most people say I drag my butt, hey at least I don't do it on the carpet..

Best Concert: Three Dog Night

Favorite Fringe sport: Anything with Frisbees or tennis balls.

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